About Us

Traveltradephilippines.com is a travel trade blog aiming to guide investors and enthusiast  set up their own tourism businesses, provide training to tourism workforce, and   brings the latest news,  industry opinion, event coverage, roadshow promotions, product updates and destination features to the Philippine travel and tourism industry.


TravelTradePhilippines.com is a work in progress. We believe that the future of a travel and tourism business is full of great opportunity, given the incredible growth in leisure travel.

As such, we aim to bring together, support, encourage and guide the growing population of travel business owners and enthusiasts who need to know more about how to build successful, thriving businesses in a changing environment. We will be glad to be part of your entrepreneurial journey.

the geek behind it

Drawing from a thirteen year experience as a senior management officer with two travel agencies in Manila, comes traveltradephilippines.com . The exposure to human resources, administrative and operations tasks dabbling with online and business development supervision plus the opportunity to represent both companies in many industry-related meetings and events have given me enough knowledge on how the system works .

Travel trade is such an interesting field, non-stop,ever evolving but when one is right on the floor handling operations, the transition and evolution of the industry is not felt. I just had to stop-over.  It is best to watch how the changing landscape reshapes it, yet participate on how it will cope.

Armed with those years of experience and the new endeavors to explore blog and social media marketing , I hope to help new entrants in this industry as well as bring new ideas and tools to existing ones.  – Clariza Nalam