15 Things To Know On Travel Agency Business

15 Things To Know On Travel Agency Business

After attending a seminar, most participants come up with questions asking for more tips on how to run a travel agency business hence we have come up with a 15 things to know on travel agency business hoping it could be of help.

During pre-operations, the travel entrepreneur should know the following:

1.  How to register a travel agency business and what are the government requirements in approving this kind of business. Contract of Lease , 20sqm office of commercial location will be a plus. Get the list of requirements for DTI  (sole proprietor) or SEC (corporation), BIR , Mayor’s Permit, SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig Fund.

2. Be familiar with all the products and services offered by a travel agency, as well as the tools used in facilitating such product.

3. Understand the travel agency business cycle from client’s inquiry to the actual facilitation of the product , delivery and payment arrangements.

4. Understand travel documentation and be ready with the requirements on accreditation.

Before you delve on the actual operations, make sure you have at least basic knowledge of the following:

5.  Be familiar with World Geography. Please remember that you are claiming to be a travel professional, so make sure you can relate to the places raised by your clients.

6. Get a good background on how to plan a travel itinerary. Being meticulous and keen to details should now be your habit.

7. Attend a short course or get trained by your computer reservations system (CRS) or global distribution system (GDS) provider on how to facilitate air, sea or land reservations. Some GDS require a fee, some do not ask but requires you to have contract with them.

8. Since you have already attended a reservations training, understanding the air, sea and land fares and ticketing should be handy for you.

9. Understand Philippine Geography, take note that this is also your primary product and getting around should be easy.

10. Understand how to operate inbound or handle local tour operations. Establish relationship with local suppliers such as hotels, tour guides, tour operators and transport providers.

11. Tour costing should come in handy. While this is basic Math, it will require your attention to details. Make sure you have identified the tour components well before sending out any quotation.

Once you have started your operations, be equipped with the tools needed for the business, such as:

12. Require effective communication and deliver good customer service among your staff. Word of mouth still counts nowadays.

13. Make sure your financial management techniques and controls are in place.

14. Leverage on the latest sales and marketing techniques so you can market effectively.

15. Lastly, be updated with latest trends and technologies in travel.

Good luck in your entrepreneurial journey!




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