Home Based Travel Agency Business in the Philippines

Homebased Travel Agency Philippines


  • Start Course: 2020-06-01 09:00:00
  • Course Duration: 1 day
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  • Instructors Clariza Nalam
  • Department: Travel Trade Philippines

Home Based Travel Agency Business in the Philippines is on the rise. Conducting your business while in the comforts in your own home promises more income with less expenses since you will not be paying for any rent.

Let us define what is home-based business though in the context of present markets and this blog. There are two conceptions of home-based travel agency:

  1. Home-based as in literally, the travel agency is operating at home.  It is legally registered with government agencies concerned such as DTI / SEC, city or municipality , and Bureau of Internal Revenue however it is in the residence of the owner. Most new entrepreneurs would like this since they are just starting and they don’t want to pay rent yet. In addition, amenities such as aircon , internet, will be availed from what the household has. For as long as it is legally registered, then there should be no problem.
  2. Another concept of home-based travel agency, and what is generally known to most, is developed from the proliferation of sub-ticketing accounts where entrepreneurs can invest minimal amount, register with DTI, and they can already operate as a legit travel agency. This should not be tolerated.

In the Philippines recently, there are many offers for home based travel agency business. Most are packaged with money remittance services and mobile phone loads at minimal capital. A lot of people get engaged since it is a promising all-in-one business package. Start up capital ranges from P2,500 , P4,999, P19,000 or sometimes even higher. People invest because it requires very minimal start-up capital, there is no need to put up a physical store hence not much operating capital, and of course, the idea looks profitable.

No matter what are the pros and cons, the entrepreneur you should have a complete reference on every aspect of starting a home based travel business.  It still entails drawing plans on how are you going to do it. Develop a business concept by deciding what kind of travel agency will it be. Make sure you check legal requirements on putting up a business and moreso on complying with government reportorial requirements. Understand the process on ticketing so that you are equipped on handling passengers’ inquiries and clarifications. Establish your travel agency relationship with suppliers. Strategise on how will you do advertising, marketing, promotions, digital marketing and web presence. Somehow plan out how will you develop your professional knowledge and skills for this kind of business. Take note that you have to be extra good on this because your only business windows is your digital presence. Having no physical store has a disadvantage but if you are good on digital or you have so many contacts, then there will be no problem. In short, have some plan in mind, do not just release your investment without first thinking about how will you conduct this kind of business.

If you are interested in  starting a home based travel agency, we have prepared a training course that will help you understand the travel agency operations, and eliminate common mistakes and misconceptions about launching your business. This is discussed in our “Travel Business 101: Understanding Travel Agency Business Seminar”, which is done every Thursday in Manila. Don’t worry, this is the cheapest business mentoring process in town and you will surely appreciate it.

This will be a learning experience on how to put up a home based travel agency business in the Philippines.

The seminar on “Travel Business 101: Understanding Travel Agency Business” is held every Thursdays and Fridays  at Travel Trade Philippines, IFI Complex, 1500 Taft Avenue corner JL Escoda St., Ermita, Manila.

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