Search for Digital Tourism Ambassador

Search for Digital Tourism Ambassador

Search for Digital Tourism Ambassador

Are you a passionate travel blogger? Your city or hometown’s loyal fan ? Or just a happy visitor in one of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands?  That just got carried away and has been posting any Philippine destination or tourism events?  Are your travel blog posts  turning you to be a walking DMO (destination marketing organization) ? Thanks to you! You have been contributing to the Philippine digital tourism efforts. Be recognized and be rewarded for the efforts. Be found as a  DIGITAL TOURISM AMBASSADOR.


The Search for Digital Tourism Ambassador (DTA) is ran like a contest but actually a campaign to recognize people who have been blogging about Philippine destinations. believes that  thru blogging, the DTA helps in promoting the Philippines as a destination. It is easy to find people who will post pictures and put comments on their travel notes, but to find people who actually write an entire story and make it a habit is quite difficult. These kinds must have been really passionate about the Philippines and they deserve to be recognized. Note that a Digital Tourism Ambassador needs to be a good blogger with quality articles (complimented by photo and/or video).


  1. Submit your 3 best written, commented and shared tourism article thru the below form on or before April 27, 2013. All articles should come from the same blog. Articles published anytime from April 10, 2012 to the present are qualified.
  2. Be a member of the following Facebook groups: Traveltradephilippines and Philippine Travel Bloggers.
  3. Like the following Facebook fan page: , Encenada Beach Resort and Nalam Gift Shop


  1. 60% – Content Quality  When it comes to content quality, it should answer basic questions like:
    1. Was it an experiential review?
    2. Did it provide useful information?
    3. Will you suggest this to friends as a useful resource about the destination or place?
    4. Is the content original reflecting the author’s point of view?
    5. Did the article contain original photos and / or videos?
  2. 40% – Online Influence. The blog or blog post entry that has the most influence    measured thru . All entries will be ranked.

Winner will be announced by April 30, 2013 thru this site and the above facebook fanpages.




Be found.  Be a Digital Tourism Ambassador.

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