Seminar on How To Put Up a Travel Agency in the Philippines

Seminar on How to Put Up a Travel Agency in the Philippines

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Are you searching for a seminar on how to put up a travel agency in the Philippines ? There are several companies offering this kind of seminar but make sure it is  facilitated by practitioners in the industry, meaning they speak from experience and actual situations. Also, it should be entrep oriented, speakers should present a realistic analysis on how are you going to get your ROI and still enjoy your passion. Note that travel agency business is not some kind of networking business, and the products you will be selling require technical knowledge, hence the seminar should be able to equip you with initial training on the technicalities of the business.

In my thrust  to refer my blog readers to a reliable and reasonable training program, I have searched and attended some so I can refer them. Some where good but initial capital is much higher.  Some are reasonably priced but coaching comes like sub-agency arrangements hence selling their own packages. It is important that the travel entrepreneur should understand the industry first before investing, hence I came up with a full-day seminar discussing the basics as well as giving supplier insights.  This seminar offers a great overview of the industry and gives a glimpse on the entrepreneurial side of this kind of business and will be able to equip you with the knowledge of the following:

  1. What is a Travel Agency?
  2. Learn the current set-up of the Philippines travel business industry?
  3. Know the current trends in the Philippine travel industry?
  4. Know are the current global trends in the tourism industry?
  5. What is the difference between IATA and NON- IATA?
  6. What are the products and services a travel agency can offer?
  7.  How much is the capital in setting up a fully operational travel agency business?
  8. How do you earn in a travel agency business?
  9. What are the requirements in setting up a travel agency?
  10. How can we help you set up your own travel agency business?

This seminar tackles on How to Start a Travel Agency Business in the Philippines, giving an overview on how to start, run and manage a travel agency business.  It is open to anyone who has the knack for selling experience and delivering sound customer services armed with the latest tools in travel.

PREREQUISITE : Anyone interested in learning how to start a travel agency business


  • Certificate of  Attendance
  • Lunch
  • Seminar Kit


  • Travel Products & How Earnings are Computed
  • Suppliers & Referrals
  • Needed Capital vis a vis the Tools and Skills Needed
  • Travel & Tourism Trends
  • Types of Travel and Tour Agencies to Niche
  • Marketing Insights


SCHEDULE: Weekly, every Thursday 9am to 2pm, and Sundays 1pm to 6pm


  1. Deposit an amount of P 2,000 to BPI Acct No. 4939 0070 38  | Acct Name: Clariza Nalam , then email the deposit slip to Don’t forget to indicate your name and mobile number so we can get in touch with you.
  2. Attend the seminar on “Travel Business 101: Understanding Travel Agency Business”. Held every Thursday (9am to 2pm), and Sunday (1pm to 6pm)  at Travel Trade Philippines, IFI Complex, 1500 Taft Avenue corner JL Escoda St., Ermita, Manila.

If you want to attend , sign up in the following form so we can get in touch with you. Please expect a confirmation message about your preferred date of learning session and instructions on getting to the venue.


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    1. Hi, may I know the name of this company that offers a seminar on how to put up a travel agency you are recommending? Thanks.

    2. Hi, I submitted this form a couple of weeks ago but did not get a confirmation.
      I am interested to attend this Saturday’s seminar, Feb 7. Thanks!

    3. Hi. I’m planning to put up my own travel agency. They will be conducting seminar, but I know I need more knowledge about the line of business. Please send me details about the seminar and the payment. And if possible for me to avail the 50% discount.

    4. Have a blessed day! I am gathering more info how can I have my own travel agency please update me if there’s seminar and what are the requirements to prepare and even the finances. thanks for your massive action regarding my request. God Bless us more!

    5. Thank you very much for the information. I am interested to join the seminar but I’m from Cebu. Do you have an idea if they are also holding a seminar in Cebu? Would appreciate your reply.
      Have a nice day ahed!

    6. Hi.. Im planning to set up an online travel business here in the philippines.. Any estimate amount of how much is needed to put up that business and any suggestions on the process of setting it up?

    7. Hi. I filled up the suggested form for seminar registration. I chose Aug.8, 2015 (Sat). I hope to get confirmation from you ASAP and also would like the 50% disc you mentioned.
      Thank you.

      Thaib R Mella

    8. Hi. I sent the sign up form today. I chose Aug. 8, 2015 as seminar date. I would appreciate if you could confirm my preferred date asap. (Hope to get the 50% disc.)
      Many thanks.


    9. hi. i’m willing to attend the siminar, may i know the name of the company conducting this siminar?

    10. Hey there, I would like to ask an assistance on how to start a home-base travel agency business. Do you conduct seminars in Cebu?
      Your reply would be highly appreciated. My email add is

    11. Hi, I see that the seminar is held in Pasig City. I am from Bacolod, and I would like to know if you have webinars that I can attend to?


    12. Hi. I’m planning to put up my own travel agency. I want to attend some seminar, to have more knowledge in line with this business. Please help me find seminar and training. thx

    13. Hi,i’m interested to attend a seminar on how to put up a home base travel agency.when and where is the next seminar after june 17,2017.alex garcia.

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