Tourism Workforce Skills Trainings

Tourism Workforce Niche Skills Trainings

Our Tourism Workforce Skills Trainings provides a learning platform for professionals as they build their tourism career or get into tourism entrepreneurship. Continuous learning should be provided to its workforce as tourism has grown into a major global industry and turned to be an important part of economies of many destinations, regions and countries. The success of a destination partly attributes to its ability to deliver quality customer service, and this is achieved through updated and successive up-skills. The trainings provided in this platform tries to meet the diverse needs of learners and it is dedicated to making it possible for anyone, to study anything, anywhere, at any time, at the offered subject levels.

These Tourism Workforce Skills Trainings will best help those that want to pursue a career in the tourism enterprises such as travel agency, tour operator, tourist transport operations, rail agencies, cruise agencies, car rentals, hospitality (hotels and resorts), restaurants, pasalubong centers, and many more. Likewise, some courses will benefit those who want to get into travel entrepreneurship under the small and medium enterprises category, such as travel agencies, tour operators and tour guides.

While face to face trainings are conducted in Manila, Philippines, online trainings can be accessed anytime. We bring niche travel and tourism skills training in a lucid structured format!

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