Setting up a Travel Agency in Manila

Setting up a Travel Agency in Manila

Quite a number of emails have prodded me to know the requirements in setting up a travel agency in the City of Manila. Based on research and actual experience, below are the requirements needed:

Checklist of requirements: TRAVEL AGENCY

1. A Copy of Certificate of Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission or registration of the business name with the Department of Trade and industry together with a two year projected financial statement or bank certification reflecting a minimum working capital of 1.2 Million Pesos;

2. Surety bond in the amount of P200,000.00 in case of INBOUND tour operation and P500,000.00 in the case of OUTBOUND or INBOUND and OUTBOUND tour operation, issued by a duly accredited bonding company if favor of the City of Manila and conditioned to answer for any
and all liabilities resulting from or incurred in the course of travel and tour operation in
accordance with the findings and resolution of the City of Manila thru the Committee on Tourism, which should be valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance of license;

3. Public Liability Insurance or CGL for the current year;

4. Complete list of executive officers and employees and travel representatives if any, indicating their nationality, designation together with one 1×1 photo of each and a notarised certification of the General Manager that they are without criminal record.

5. List of Tour Guides and Travel Representative if any;

6. For Alien Personnel, valid visa from the Department of Immigration and Deportation and the proper permit from Department of Labor and Employment;

7. Contract of lease of the office space to be used by the agency, of proof of ownership of the area occupied ;

8. Board resolution or authorization from the General Manager designating the person authorised to sign and transact business with the City in behalf of the applicant;

9. Payment of a license fee of One Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00)

10. Application Form

11. Barangay Clearance

12. Location Plan


1. In the case of manager, proof that he has at least three (3) years managerial experience in tour operations of has earned a degree In Bachelor of Science in Tourism or has successfully completed a tour operator’s course;
2. Proof that at least two (2) of the permanent staff at least two (2) years experience in tour operations

I hope this information helps those who are interested to set up a travel agency in the City of Manila. For more information on basics of running a travel agency business,  I suggest attending this seminar – Seminar on How to Put Up a Travel Agency in the Philippines


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