Philippine Tourism Investment Choices: By Special Segments

Panglao Beach

Sharing here tourism special segment markets to choose for investment. You can consider tour guiding or putting up business  which caters to any of the following niche markets.

scuba diving philippinesDivers

Typically: young, male, single, regular travelers

Diving is the main motivation for travelling to the destination. The fame of the under water world and the pristine biodiversity are the reasons for travelling to the Philippines


Adventure  Experiencesdavao-wildwater-adventure

Adventure tourists want to experience remote and unexplored areas while undertaking soft or hard adventure activities.




Shopping, Leisure and Entertainment Tourists

Shopping, Leisure & Entertainment Tourism
 is a relatively young breed of tourist, who is seeking escapism, entertainment and fun. Time may be limited, but disposable income levels are high.


Honey Mooners

Newly weds on their honey moon spend an important amount of money on a dream destination. Residing in luxury resorts. The trend goes from only passive holidays to active experiences.


Meeting, Incentives, Congress and Events. The tourists consuming this tourism product  travel with their company to the Philippines or are there for business issues. They expect and demand perfect services.




Educational Tourismeducaional

Regional pupils from all ages come to the Philippines in order to learn and improve their English language skills



birdwatchBird Watchers

Bird watchers are passionate about birds and wish to experience them in their natural habitat. Mostly, Bird Watchers are driven by the wish to see specific and rare birds. For this they are willing to travel around the world.


Health and Wellness TourismVideo-Medical tourism in Cebu, Philippines

Due to the high costs of medical care in the tourists home country . This type of consumer seeks to look and feel better, to lose weight, to slow the effects of aging, to relieve pain or discomfort, to manage stress, or to partake in the use of natural supplements like vitamins and minerals to improve their health..

Culture Explorers

Search for participation in new cultural experiences, whether they are aesthetic, intellectual, or emotional. They find satisfaction in visiting museums, archeological sites and experience living culture traditions and festivals

Beach Relaxation

Tourists that seek for relaxation and sun along the Philippines beaches. In addition, activities mostly undertaken are: fishing, scuba diving, sailing, golf, water skiing, whale watching, windsurf, relaxation therapies, spa, etc.


Golf Tourists

Golf Tourists are passionate about Golf. Their main motivation is to play Golf all year round and travel to the destination that entitle them to do so.



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