Philippine Tourism Investment Choices : By Industry

Let us explore industries involved based on the Strategic Vision of  THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL  TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2011-2016  and check if your  industry fits in:

  • Improving market access and connectivity

infrastructure-300x225As the government expands  capacity of secondary international airports, and connectivity between strategic destinations, we expect a lot of infrastructures benefiting those in the construction industry. The program cites 23 domestic airports, 21 seaports , and 28  strategic connecting roads with total distance of approximately 850kms, which will be improved, rehabilitated, and upgraded.

Likewise on destination infrastructure, there are 6 locations for provision of water and water treatment , 4 locations for power provision, and solid waste management for 27 locations. Definitely, all players in this line will also benefit.

Design and construction of tourism information centers and support infrastructure  are in line for 26 tourism development areas. Improvements on tourism sites access for visitors will also be done. Likewise infrastructures that  will help develop  diversified tourism products that will engage local communities will also be built  such as major Mixed-use Tourism complexes in the vicinity of the International Airports . Retail, food and hospitality industry will greatly benefit in this endeavor.

  • Developing and marketing competitive tourist destinations and products
As a sustainable tourism destination infrastructure program is being implemented, we can also expect  diversified tourism products that engage  local communities to be developed. Recent surveys already reflect a considerable  increase in domestic travel. Stricter and more standardized  accreditation system for tourism enterprises will be implemented. Efforts to   facilitate tourism investment and lower cost of business are being done.
In safeguarding natural & cultural heritage and vulnerable groups which are also part of  the plan,   uniquely Filipino destinations and products will also be developed. We should also expect increasing number of heritage sites for international recognition and more advocacies to sustainable use of heritage sites. Local transport, travel agency and tour operator businesses will thrive in  this setup.
  • Improving tourism institutional, governance and  human resource capacities
chefs This will institutionalize roles and responsibilities of DOT and LGUs  thereby making the industry more reliable and safe. Improve governance in the area of safety, security, and in dealing with tourists
Competent well motivated and productive tourism workforce will be developed by establishing s

kills capability building programs, i
mproving labor relations , improving the
Professional Tourism Training and Education and providing avenues for
HR Recognition, Networking, and Development. Training schools for the varied professions in tourism will definitely benefit from this exercise.
So, tara na,  invest na sa turismo…

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